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Chef’s Editorial

Chef Service, top talent cooks that have taken possession of your place for 20 years!

I was born in a family where cooking was daily. My grand mother knew how to make the best of the garden’s products, even the cheapest. I remember, as a kid, how excited I was while waiting for the cherries' picking in my grand father’s orchard. This is how I have learned to share the taste of the good products with my relatives. 

I now try to humbly perpetuate these values through my profession. As you may have noticed, cooking is my passion. It is like top-level sports to me, as I constantly want to push beyond my limits to succeed. Communicating emotions, watching each guest’s face lighting up fills me with a great joy, and is a beautiful reward. 

This adventure will never be exclusive of these exchanges, this proximity and complicity, that you will keep in mind. Until the next time.

My greatest wish? Keep recruiting the best chefs and a performant team ! 


Laurent Veyet

Photo of a home chef
Photo of a home chef

For your favorite occasions, enjoy the quality of our services and forget about the organisation of your meals, we take care of everything !

Chef Laurent Veyet

For 20 years, Laurent Veyet has been willing to create an innovating service by proposing In-House Chef performances, delighting the customers’ taste buds.

• Manager of Chef Service since 1996

• Member of the Government's working group "developing Services to People" from 1996 to 1998

• "Willing to act" Award winner, in 1996, Youth challenges from the Youth, Sports and Associative Life Ministry, Paris (DDJS) 

chef service online

Chef Service is available on you computer, tablet or smartphone !

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Treat yourself in just a few clicks ! 

• Choose the nearest chef and compose your menu yourself, with the best seasonal inspirations.

• With the online quote, change your order according to your needs.

• Once you have received your quote, the Chef Service team will be delighted to contact you in order to refine the last details and offer its best advice.

Discover our services !

Personal Chef

A dinner with your best friends, a birthday to celebrate, the baptism of your youngest? Occasions will not be lacking to enjoy the skills of an In-House Chef.

Mixing the pleasure of hosting and an easy organisation has never been that simple.

Where to start? First, choose among the chefs from your region and, for each one of them, you will discover three types of menus in order to match your needs and, of course, your budget.


Enjoy your guests, Chef Service takes care of the rest ! From catering to decoration, to service and to equipment rental, we will make the best of your celebration. Discover now your nearest chef ! 


If you do not have the time to have lunch at the restaurant, or if you are bored with lunch boxes, make your business meals originals with Chef Service ! 

Our team will adapt to both your company’s image and budget ! 

Private chef in preparation
Private chef in preparation

Forget about the stress and anxiety of going to the grocery store, cooking, and making your dishes perfect before serving them. Not only do we allow you to enjoy your friends, but we also give you the chance to take some time for yourself and feast.

Pictures: Studio B

home chef paris

With our In-House Chefs’ team, your meals are always ready when you wish to share them with friends, family or colleagues. 

Building on their experience among the greatest leading establishments, our chefs, caterers and head waiters will offer the best solution to upgrade your professional relations.

You will have a choice among a large gourmet selection, perfect for you lunches, professional meetings or gastronomic cocktails.

Head Waiter

Because there is no such thing as taking care of your guests, and because the success of your reception depends on it, Chef Service puts at your disposal its Head Waiters’ team.

Their mission? Welcoming your guests and discretely as much as pleasantly manage your events’ service. Each Head Waiter will provide an outstanding service.