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Salmon by Laurent VEYET Chef at home Laurent VEYET Île-de-France

Île-de-France (30 comments)

Be invited to cook at your house is the most beautiful...

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Veal by Christophe BOUILLAULT Chef at home Christophe BOUILLAULT Île-de-France


You wish to receive more often ? But without cooking, or...

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Farmhouse Pig by Jérôme DUBOC Chef at home Jérôme DUBOC Basse-Normandie

Basse-Normandie (8 comments)

In House Chef and Head Waiter for over 10 years in...

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Pollack  by Stéphane SCALART Chef at home Stéphane SCALART Bretagne

Bretagne (6 comments)

You want to surprise your guests, receiving them in a...

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1989 by Philippe DELOBEL Chef at home Philippe DELOBEL Aquitaine

Aquitaine (2 comments)

I try to make the guests re-discover ancient vegetables,...

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Duck  by Eric WERNETTE Chef at home Eric WERNETTE Lorraine


I will manage to listen to you in order to create...

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Pear by Aubin VIE Chef at home Aubin VIE Languedoc-Roussillon


The dishes are made directly at your place, with product...

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Pork Tenderloin by Aymeric VIGNERON Chef at home Aymeric VIGNERON Rhône-Alpes

Rhône-Alpes (8 comments)

You wish to offer your guests great cuisine, or learn...

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Magret by Yoann PICON Chef at home Yoann PICON Poitou-Charentes


Craving for independence, creation and a project that...

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